How Long Does It Take To Process A Return?

Once you RMA has been created and your return is on its way back to us, what happens next?

First, please provide a copy of your return tracking number, you can email this back to us as this will help if your item is held up in transit.

On arrival at MXstore your RMA will be received by our inbound team and for quality control be checked over to ensure the items are in acceptable condition and can be put back into stock.

If your return is an exchange or credit we will email you to advise of the update of your exchange or refund.

Credits land immediately and can be spent as soon as you receive the email notification. Refunds can take 2-5 business days to process back into your account depending on which bank you are with, but once you have the email the money will be hitting your account soon.

For exchanges, we will exchange over for the requested item and get this back on the way to you. If return postage is still outstanding we will SMS and email you a copy of the invoice to deposit the funds for the return postage. Alternatively, you can log into your MXstore account and pay the remaining charges via our online payment options. (This excludes Afterpay).

Once the payment has been finalised please contact us to make us aware it has been paid for so we can get your order underway immediately.

When your new order is shipped you will receive dispatch and tracking information from us just like any order at MXstore.

If there is an issue with the return or exchange at any point we will be in touch with you as fast as possible.

MXstore does have the right to refuse items for exchange or refund if they do not meet our terms and conditions of return. We will contact you directly via phone or email to notify you and return the item directly to you after the costs of return shipping have been paid for by the customer.

If your return is related to a warranty or faulty item please refer to the Faults & Warranty article.

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