How Long Does It Take For a Standard Return?


Once your return has been created and is on its way back to our team, what happens next?

  • As soon as Post Man Pat delivers your return to our MXstore warehouse, it will be thoroughly checked for quality control, ensuring all items are in an acceptable condition and ready to be put back on our shelves.
  • Our Order Management legends will then finalise your return and process all appropriate credits and refunds. We will shoot you an email to let you know that your return has been finalised and that either your credit is ready to use or that your refund has been processed. All returns are processed each day during business hours, Monday to Friday!

*If for some reason there is an issue at any point, we will be in touch with you as soon as possible! 


Please keep in mind that MXstore does have the right to refuse any item for a return if they do not meet our return Terms and Conditions. We will contact you directly via phone or email to notify you of the situation, then our team will return the item directly to you after the costs of the return shipping have been paid in full. 

Please note: If a return has not been accepted by MXstore, it is up to the customer to cover the return shipping costs. We don't want this so please make sure that your return meets our terms and conditions to avoid disappointment.  

If your return is related to a warranty or faulty item please check out the Faults & Warranty article! 

Need to set up your return? Jump into our Online Returns Portal and set up your instant return NOW! Unsure how to use the portal? Please read our helpful "How To" Guide. 

If you have any questions relating to a recent return, please don't hesitate to contact us!


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