Tracking For Wheelsets, Mo-Tow's and Pimp My Bike Kit's (Third Party Shipping)

A very small amount of products sold by MXstore are kept in a third-party suppliers warehouse and are shipped directly to our customers when they are sold. This is what we call "drop-shipping". 

Once we have passed your order onto our suppliers, they will keep us updated on the progress of your order and provide us with a tracking number once it has left their warehouse. 

Why can't we just ship these products from our awesome warehouse ourselves? I'm glad you asked...

Wheelsets - These require a trained expert to ensure each wheel has been assembled and trued correctly before shipment. This also allows our customers to have the luxury of creating their very own custom wheelset if they want to stand out while tearing up the tracks! 

Mo-Tow Carriers - These bike carriers are too large for our current shipping carriers so we opt for a third party courier through our suppliers. 

Pimp My Bike Kits: - These kits are made to order. When a customer places an order for a Pimp My Bike Kit, each product in the kit is individually picked and put together to make a complete kit with one unique product code.

With the addition of the using third-party companies comes a slightly modified method of fulfilment than our normal automated system for customer updates. Not to worry, you can sit back and relax as the shopping experience won't change on your end! All this means is the tracking information is manually sent to you via a personal SMS or email, rather than the automated email from our system! :) 

As always if there are any issues with your order, one of our legendary Customer Service experts will be in touch with you right away to get things sorted and complete your order ASAP.

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