Tracking For Wheelsets & Mo-Tow's (3rd Party Shipping)

A very small amount of products sold by MXstore are kept in a 3rd party warehouse and shipped direct to our customers when they are sold.

We do this on items such as wheelsets, which require a trained expert to ensure each wheel has been assembled and trued correctly before shipment.

We also do this for items like the Mo-Tow bike carrier as this item is too large for our current shipping carriers so we opt for a 3rd party courier.

With the addition of the 3rd party comes a slightly modified method of fulfillment than our normal automated system to customer updates.

The main point of difference to you (our customer) is simply the tracking information is manually submitted and emailed to you rather than the automated email. 

As always if there are any issues with your order one of our friendly customer service experts will be in touch with you right away to get things sorted and complete your order ASAP.

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