Jersey Prints

Once an order for a Jersey Print has been placed and paid for, there can be no updates, changes or revisions to the design

  • Jersey prints can add up to 24 hours additional processing time to your order.
  • MXstore will not cover any damage, cracking or fading to Jersey Prints under warranty.
  • MXstore will not cover any reprint if the name is spelt wrong or number is incorrect as entered by the customer. (Once the print is pressed onto the selected jersey we can no longer accept a return for the jersey).
  • Please also be aware that placement of the jersey print by us will not always be 100% straight as each jersey differs in size and material and cannot always be held in line with the print.
  • For any further warranty or jersey print questions please contact us by submitting a request through the contact page on the MXstore website.
  • To avoid disappointment, before you place a jersey print order please make sure you double-check: your jersey size, print style, your name, number and that you're happy for the MXstore logo to also appear on the print.
  • MXstore reserves the right to remove its logo from any jersey print without notice.
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