My Garage: How to Add Multiple Bikes to Your Garage



If you're lucky enough to own multiple bikes, My Garage can store up to 10 bikes so that you can customise and create your own "My Garage" for each of your rides! 


Add Multiple Bikes via My Garage 

1) Open up My Garage and on the main page, select your bike's make, model and year. Select "Add Bike": 



2) Congratulations, you have added your second bike! From here you can continue to add more bikes, personalise your bike or check out the other My Garage features: 


Add Multiple Bikes via the My Garage Parts Finder

1) On any page on the website, using the My Garage Parts Finder, select "Select New Bike": 



2) Using the drop-down boxes, select your bike and hit "Search":



3) Once your second bike appears in the Parts Finder, select "SAVE"



4) Congratulations, your bike is now saved! From here you can continue through to My Garage to personalise your ride, add more bikes to your garage or browse MXstore! 



Have a question about adding your bike, My Garage or a general enquiry? Please get in touch with our Customer Service or Showroom legends as they would be more than happy to help! 

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