My Garage: How To Personalise Your Bike


You've saved your bike, now it's time to personalise your ride!

Once you have saved your bike to your Garage, you can personalise your ride by adding a custom photo and name! Let's start customising....

To add a photo or add a "nickname" to your bike, first, open up My Garage and select "Personalise"


Add a Custom Photo:

1) Select "Add Photo" on your bike's profile:


2) Open up your "Pictures" within your files, choose the photo you would like to upload and select "Open"


3) Your photo has now been added to your profile!
Changed your mind? Simply follow the same process and select another photo of your choice: 



Add a Nickname

1) Select "EDIT NICKNAME" on your bike's profile: 


3) Type in your own custom nickname and hit "ENTER":


4) Your profile is now customised with your own photo and nickname



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