Dirt Bike Tear Off's & Roll Off's

With the amount of flying mud and debris being launched at you during a race, a nice clear window of vision can quickly become impaired. Fortunately, the development of a range of goggle accessories known as Tear-offs and Roll offs have given riders the opportunity to clear a dirty lens in a second.

Tear Offs are a set of thin clear plastic lens covers which have a pull tab at one end. These are applied to the outside of the goggle before a race and attached by the goggles tear off lugs. You can stack up a number of tear offs and when a layer is dirty you simply reach up and tear the dirty layer away leaving a lens with clear vision.

Roll Offs are a similar idea only that there are not multiple layers of film which you apply to your goggles. But a roll of film which is rolled out across your goggle lens. On one end there is a spring loaded pull string and when you want to clear your vision you pull the string to roll out some clean film.

As the industry is becoming more environmentally friendly, tracks are growing increasingly more strict with their acceptance of the use of tear offs. Plastic lenses being thrown all over the ground is deemed littering and the fact they can be ingested by cattle is not a pleasant idea. It may not be long before tear offs are banned and a thing of the past! 

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