Choosing The Right Dirt Bike Goggle Brand

The amount of Motocross Goggle brands on the market can be exciting and overwhelming. While there are pros and cons for all, it is important that you find a brand that meets your needs and fits your face and stick to it. If you're changing mx goggle brands more often than your engine oil then you need to STOP!

Every goggle brand on the market, supports their goggles with a range of aftermarket accessories. These accessories are not only brand specific but can also be model specific. A smart rider realises that it is important to carry a range of goggle accessories to suit any occasion. Coloured/mirrored lenses for those sunny days, clear lenses for cloudy/night time riding and tear offs to suit. With tear-offs quickly becoming banned in many locations in Australia, a roll-off kit is also important for clear vision on those rainy days. When you double your dirt bike goggle brands, you also double the necessary accessories. Stick to one brand/model, a familiar fit every-time you ride, and you will save yourself space and money in the long run.

100% Goggles Are the new Motocross goggle brand taking the world by storm. Their aggressive pricing structure and simplistic design allows customers to easily replace lenses & goggle accessories as their entire range consists of only 3 lens shapes! Check out 100% Here! 

With such strong connection with the snowboarding industry Dragon Goggles have always produced goggles with plenty of steeze. But not to be left behind Dragon have now also developed a quick release Injection-molded lense to capture riders chasing a premium goggle. Check out Dragon Here!

The most dominant goggle brand in the industry. Oakley goggles have always been known as the leader in Motocross goggle technology. With the largest range and some of the biggest athletes in the game, there aren't many people who have never owned a set of Oakleys! Check out Oakley Here!

Scott goggles are the choice for more privateer riders than any other brand! Scott are known to produce a high quality, functional and non flashy goggle with loads of adjustment for all face shapes and sizes. They were also the first brand to produce the "OTG" goggle to be worn over prescription glasses. Check out Scott Here!

Spy goggles are another brand which oozes style.. And with its founding father being Jeremy McGrath it is no surprise. Spy have also developed a quick release Injection-molded lense to capture riders chasing a premium goggle. Check out Spy Here!

One of the most popular Thor products of all time is the Thor Enemy goggle in black. The reason being a functional, simple and affordable goggle manufactured by one of the biggest brands in MX. Check out Thor Goggles Here!

The largest brand in MX has also produced a range of Motocross goggles people on any budget. Fox is known for making some of the best quality MX gear on the planet and their goggles are no exception. Check out Fox Goggles Here!

EKS goggles are known for their range of stylish, comfortable, functional and affordable goggles. EKS have goggles similar to other brands high end range but for a fraction of the cost. Check out EKS Here!

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