Dirt Bike Goggle Lenses

The window to the finish line! Most lenses on the market these days feature an anti-fog treatment and protection against UV rays. Traditionally goggle lenses were made from Lexan glass which is a malleable plastic that can be tinted and coated with a colour mirror finish.

Alternatively some goggle brands are offering an Injection-moulded Plutonite lens which is thicker, stronger and safer than Lexan. These have all the same features being anti-fog, tinting, UV protection and exceed impact safety standards for eye protection.

Anti Fog Lenses:

Most goggle lenses are treated with an anti fog solution to help reduce the chance of your goggles fogging up. If you are experiencing issues with your goggles fogging there are products available to help such as the Scott Anti Fog Goggle Spray.

There are a number of different goggle lenses to suit a range of environments and light conditions. Below is a list of the different lens colours and the light conditions they are most suited to:

  • Clear Lens: Night - Low Light Conditions
  • Grey/ Smoke Lens: Sun - Bright sunny days with excessive glare
  • Yellow Lens: Dust, Fog, Overcast, Haze, Dusk, Dawn. Yellow increases depth perception
  • Blue Lens: Mud - Blue provides improved contrast in muddy conditions
  • Mirrored/ Iridium Lens: Bright Sun - Reduction in glare in strong light conditions.. + Makes you look cool!
  • Amber/ Orange Lens: Overcast - Brightens while reducing glare, enhances detail
  • Brown Lens: Sun - Improved contrast, glare reduction

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