Introduction To The Modern Day Dirt Bike Goggle

Although the modern day motocross goggle could almost be classed as a fashion accessory, the true purpose for your goggles is to protect your eyes from flying rocks, mud, dirt, dust and debris. Up until recently there had been no major changes to the design or structure of motocross goggles for a number of years. But with the introduction of the Oakley Airbrake the industry awakened and soon a number of brands released goggles with tougher lenses and larger eye ports to improve safety and ease of vision.

With over 500 different pairs of goggles currently in stock at MXstore, the task of finding the perfect goggle could be a daunting one. That is why we have pulled together all of the key things to consider before making a goggle purchase and compiled them for you in this simple goggle buyer's guide.

All Motocross Goggles are not the same!

Although the majority of goggles on the market look similar, there are some key differences which set some apart from others which explain the dramatic differences in pricing.

A basic adult motocross goggle can set you back a little as $40 AUD. These will be relatively comfortable, colourful to look the part and will do their job in covering your eyes with a layer of lexan (clear plastic lens) which will keep all of the nasties out. If you take your riding more seriously you may want to spend a little more money and get into something with performance in mind.

Rider comfort is paramount for any piece of motocross gear. And for goggles, this begins with the foam rim which seals against your face. Entry-level goggles usually have a single layer of foam, while high-end goggles have 3-4 layers of varying density. These are layered to draw sweat away from the face which can then evaporate and dry once it reaches the outer layers. This reduces the chances of sweat falling down into the rider's eyes which causes discomfort and impaired vision, the last thing you want when you are mid moto!

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