Failed and Cancelled Afterpay Orders


Have you come to the conclusion that you have done WAY too much online shopping recently so your AfterPay payment has failed? No worries! 

Have You Received An Invoice?

Afterpay is a third party payment gateway and due to some complexities regarding the checkout process, when a failed attempt is made using Afterpay as the payment method, an order will still be generated in our system.

There is no need to worry though as this order will be cancelled by our team and you will not charge be charged in any way!

When you are ready, you can jump back onto our website and give that one another go! 

I Am Still Having Issues! 

  • An AfterPay order must be a minimum of $100
  • First-time AfterPay users can spend up to $800
  • Existing AfterPay users can spend up to $2,000
  • You must be an Australian resident to use AfterPay 
  • If you are having issues with your AfterPay account, please reach out to AfterPay directly! 
  • Please reach out to our Customer Service legends below if you still need help! 
    For more information on AfterPay, check out our website!
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