Differences In Dirt Bike Gloves

Gloves are a hard one when it comes to differences in prices, as your choice of glove will often come down purely to personal preference. Some people prefer that "naked" feel when it comes to gloves, something so lightweight that they barely even notice they're there. Others want some seriously heavy duty protection; carbon fibre knuckle guards, additional palm protection, strong padded fingers, basically everything that's going to offer resistance against fast-flying roost or trees that simply come out of nowhere (we've all been there). Lucky for you, there's pretty much an option for all these across multiple price points. Every dirt bike glove is going to have its benefits and its drawbacks, so find the features that you want and you can usually find an easily affordable option if you're strapped for cash. The one exception to this may be the carbon knuckle guarded gloves; these things simply aren't that cheap. Having said that, one of our favourite sayings here at MXstore has always been - can you really put a price on your safety?

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