Different Brands & Ranges In MX Gear

As with all products and product lines, there's going to be differences across the various brands in each category. Motocross gear is no different, and with a number of big name brands leading the way in the motocross market, there's always going to be some healthy competition for the title of "the best" when it comes to producing motocross gear. Brands like Fox Racing, Thor, Alpinestars, and O'Neal are some of the more established and well known brands, having been making high quality motocross gear for decades, while some newer brands like Fasthouse and Seven MX have hit the ground running in recent years to keep things as fresh as ever. With such an abundance of premium brands in the industry, you can be certain that no matter the differences between them all, you'll be able to find something just right for you.

The main point of difference in motocross gear is the same as it is in everything else we buy - the price. While we'll dig a little deeper into the pricing side of things next, it's worth mentioning now as a key point of difference between the different brands. Typically, the bigger and more established a brand is, the more ranges and different price points it will have on offer throughout its categories. Fox Racing, for example, offers four main jersey and pant lines, six different glove ranges, a huge range of various sock styles, and that's not even mentioning the endless lines of protective gear and accessories it also has. Seven MX, however, as one of the newer gear brands on the market, only runs three different jersey and pant ranges, along with three glove lines. And that's not to take anything away from Seven, who make some serious quality MX gear, it's just a good indicator of the "size" of a particular brand within the motocross industry.

Another selling point that comes into play when deciding between gear brands is the image of the brand itself. All of our brands have their own stories, their own way of doing things, and it's an exciting journey figuring out which brand you relate to the most. Do you live by the mantra of riding as much as possible, keeping it fun, keeping it fast? Join the brotherhood of the Shift syndicate. Or if you're more of a technically minded rider with a passion for individual style and personal flair, you'll want to check out the insane gear ranges from our Italian friends at Alpinestars. Whatever it may be, you can bet that there's a brand out there that you can identify with more than any other, and you can truly wear your heart on your sleeve. Or if you're anything like us, just buy the gear that looks completely badass. 

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