Dirt Bike Socks


Easily the most straightforward category when it comes to motocross gear, Motocross Socks are another necessity when it comes to riding your dirt bike. With options starting from as little as $14.95 there's no excuse not to invest in a solid pair of socks, and it'll be one of the best value for money investments you'll ever make. Socks will vary in both thickness and length when it comes to motocross specific socks, while most brands will offer clean colour options as well as graphics and patterns to suit whatever you're after. The key dependant on your sock choice will be whether or not you wear knee braces when you ride (highly recommended), in which case you'd want to grab yourself a longer set of knee brace socks, which will cover up to your mid-thigh, protecting your leg from any potential chaffing or rubbing from your braces or knee guards.

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