Women's dirt bike gear sizing

All women will agree it is much harder to find the correct fit for women compared to men when it comes to clothing and the same goes for motocross gear.

For women's motocross gear in Australia the added level of complexity when working out sizing is the added step of converting from US to Australian sizes which is difficult at the best of times!

HINT: Motocross gear is made to be worn slightly loose, most protective gear is worn under the pants or jersey so manufacturers allow for this by adding extra space in the legs for knee protection, and make jerseys slightly larger for roost protectors and elbow protection.

We have found most women tend to choose gear which is tighter fitting as most women’s casual clothing is a tight fit but for motocross gear all that is going to achieve is irritate your skin from excessive rubbing and make you uncomfortable.

Women's Motocross Gear Set Size Chart

  • US Size 1-2 Pant = XS Jersey (AU size 6 pant, 27” waist) - XS Glove
  • US Size 3-4 Pant = XS Jersey (AU size 7 pant, 28” waist) - S Glove
  • US Size 5-6 Pant = S Jersey (AU size 8 pant, 30” waist) - M Glove
  • US Size 7-8 Pant = M Jersey (AU size 9 pant, 32” waist) - M Glove
  • US Size 9-10 Pant = L Jersey (AU size 10 pant, 34” waist) - L Glove
  • US Size 11-12 Pant = XL Jersey (AU size 12 pant, 36” waist) - L Glove
  • US Size 13-14 Pant = XL Jersey (AU size 14 pant, 38” waist) - XL Glove
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