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All sizing charts for motocross gear for men, women and children are based on either CM or Inch measurements. We get a lot of questions from parents asking what will fit a 7 year old but the fact is in most cases you will need to take the riders measurements to then associate the right size gear for them.

At the end of the day, motocross gear is safety gear so you really want to make sure it fits correctly to ensure maximum safety, and every item made for a rider needs to fit a particular way! The rules on fitment remain the same for any rider apart from kids as it is a good idea to allow a little more room for them to grow into unless you want to replace everything every six months!

MXstore is here to make life easier, so we have added key words into the title of every product to help you identify what gear you are searching for.  Keep an eye out for these key words for a faster way of working out what gear is going to suit you! 

  • “Kids” = Youth gear sizing, typically for a male rider from 4 years through to early teens at most.
  • “Girls” = Female youth gear sizing, typically for a female rider from 4 years through to early teens at most.
  • Women’s” = Female adult sizing, women’s gear tends to be a smaller fit suiting women from early teens through to adults.
  • “Toddler” = Riders between 2 and 5 years old!
  • If you can’t see any of the above keywords in the title, you are more than likely looking at adult male sized gear. 

The Motocross Gear Sizing Increment breakdown:

Below is the breakdown of measurements and how they stack up against each other:

  • 1” (inch) = 2.54cm (centimetres)
  • 1cm = 10mm (millimetres
  • 1” = 25.4mm
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