Dirt bike riding gear sizing for Adults & Kids

Another grey area as there are two body parts which need covering, and two different size types to take into consideration. The first being the pants, as these are associated with Inch measurements, and the jerseys are Small, Medium, Large and so on. 

A good place to start when working out your sizing is to keep in mind that motocross jersey and pants are manufactured to be paired up from the factory, meaning each size of pant has a jersey size to match. The only variations of this is usually when a rider wants to run a pressure suit or body armour under their jersey, in this case we suggest going up in the jersey at least one to two sizes from what the rider would normally wear.

The standard size match is shown below which is particularly helpful if you already know your pant size, please note most kids clothing is assigned to an age whereas motocross gear is based off measurements, you are better off measuring your child to make a more accurate decision on the riding gear size but we have also added a basic guide to help make your decision easier. We cannot stress enough how much better the gear will fit if you take the rider’s measurements though!

Kids Motocross Gear Set Size Chart:

  • 18” Pant = XXS Jersey = Kids 2/3
  • 20” Pant = XS Jersey = Kids 3/4
  • 22” Pant = S Jersey = Kids 5/6
  • 24” Pant = M Jersey = Kids 7/9
  • 26” Pant = L Jersey = Kids 10/12
  • 28” Pant = XL jersey = Kids 12/14 

Adult Motocross Gear Set Size Chart:

  • 28” Pant = XS Jersey
  • 30” Pant = S Jersey
  • 32” Pant = M Jersey
  • 34” Pant = L Jersey
  • 36” Pant = XL jersey
  • 38” Pant = 2XL Jersey
  • 40” Pant = 3XL Jersey
  • 42” Pant = 3XL Jersey
  • 44” Pant = 3XL Jersey
  • 46” Pant = 3XL Jersey
  • 48” Pant = 4XL Jersey
  • 50” Pant = 4XL Jersey
  • 52” Pant = 4XL Jersey 

Motocross gear should be slightly loose fitting as riders get quite hot on the track, and having a little extra room will improve airflow and keep the rider cooler. Take into consideration that all riders should be wearing knee braces or at least knee guards which take up extra room inside the pant leg. You may wonder why motocross pants are quite baggy from the knee to waist, but think about how many times a rider stands and sits down every single lap and you will be thankful for that extra bit of room to move in those pants!

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