But I'm a Beginner, Do I REALLY Need MX Boots?

Of course you do. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, mx boots are an absolutely essential piece of safety equipment and even on the strictest of budgets the cheapest pair are leaps and bounds more protective than any pair of shoes or work boots.


This should be a no brainer but unfortunately, there are weekend warriors Australia wide still burning around in their dirty old Etnies.
  1. Shoe laces and front sprockets do not mix: When your front sprocket and chain decides to snack on your shoe laces you are going to hit the dirt.
  2. Shoes come off: The 3 or 4 sturdy buckles you see on almost every pair of motocross boots are to keep them firmly attached to your body. If I can’t kick an empty coke bottle without sending my shoe into outer-space you can be guaranteed it’s not staying attached during a decent bike cartwheel.
  3. No toe protection: Crushing injuries are quite common on dirt bikes. Rocks, logs, and tree stumps, they’re all foot-peg magnets. If your foot happens to get between, them your shoes are going to do a whole lot of nothing.
  4. Leather is not enough: Motorbike boots use injection moulded plastic re-enforcing to help stop sharp objects from piercing your lower extremities. The thin leather and soft flexible sole on most shoes is quite easily penetrable by even a small flying stick.
  5. Zero Ankle Support:  Shoes were built to protect the foot, not to support the ankle. With almost zero ankle stabilisation a pair of shoes leaves your ankle joint vulnerable to serious injury including sprains, dislocations, and fractures. Or all 3 at once. We have seen it done!

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