Dirt Bike Boots Care Guide


  • Yes we have all done it at some point and those of you who are lucky enough to ride in ‘that red mud’ know how tempting it is to grab the Gerni and start blasting away. But did you realise that nothing destroys your boots faster than a pressure washer? We like to explain this by reminding customers that moto boots aren’t made of anything special. It’s just leather... which is… cow skin. Those of you who have felt a pressure washer tearing their skin off can appreciate just how much damage they do to soft tissue. Your boots, made largely of leather, are permeated with a leather treament during manufacturing which helps keep them soft (comfortable) and provides waterproofing. As soon as you blast your boots with a pressure washer you lift the grain of the leather and wash out all of that goodness. They then dry-out and you have successfully halved their lifespan. Dry boots also means dry stitching which makes for brittle stitching and premature boot failure. Get the point ? Put the pressure washer DOWN! By all means give them a quick ‘blast’ after you’ve done the bike but hold the nozzle away. Wet the boots then use a scrubbing brush to make them sparkle!

  • Check the screws – Most boot buckles are held on with screws and they come loose. The leading cause of buckle replacements is not breakage but screws falling out. Keep them tight and consider using some thread locker if they keep coming loose.

  • Look after the leather by treating it regularly with a leather treatment. These are readily available from most supermarkets or shoe shops. This also helps to keep your boots waterproof.

  • Some boot models have replaceable soles. It is a good idea to keep an eye on the sole wear and replace them before it wears through and your pegs start destroying the shank of the boot. Replacement soles should be attached professionally. If your boots are in need of a new sole, send them back to MXSTORE and we can have them professionally attached by the Australian distributor to guarantee they stay attached.

  • Use a lubricant spray (some can be harm-full to leather and plastics so read the label) to spray the boot buckles after each ride to disperse water and help prevent corrosion.

  • There is some ‘advice’ being thrown around the industry to soak your new boots in a warm bath to help loosen them up and decrease the ‘break-in’ period. MXSTORE does NOT advise you do this. Would you jump in the bath with your brand new leather shoes and expect them to last ? Boots are treated with a water resistant leather treatment and are designed to be exposed to water but certainly not to be soaked in it for extended periods. The best way to ‘break in’ your boots is just to wear them around. Put them on and do some walking around. Even mow the lawn. Or better yet, get on the bike and take it easy until you get comfortable in them.

  • Ensure your boots dry properly after each ride to prevent mould and bacteria growth.


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