The Second Most Important Piece of Safety Equipment

You’re a dirt bike rider. With the highly-unforgiving, usually very rocky and highly abrasive ground flying by, you understand that there is a certain (high) risk level associated with what you do. The closest parts of your fragile body to this skin tearing, bone snapping thing we call mother earth are your feet and they need to be protected accordingly.

Motocross boots are without doubt the second most important piece of safety equipment in your gear bag (the first being your helmet of course). Choosing the right or wrong boots can have a big impact on your riding and a colossal impact on injury management so we are here to educate so you can get it right.
We recommend that quite a large chunk of your gear budget be spent on a decent set of dirt bike boots and if you just don’t have the cash you should explore layby options to make sure you are adequately protected.

Designed to protect a riders’ lower extremities from a range of injuries, motorbike boots achieve this by implementing the following features:

  • The thick leather construction and plastic shielding guards against simple cuts, abrasions and foreign objects from entering the lower leg (ever had a stick pierce your radiator?)
  • Plastic panelling, a thick rubber sole and a sturdy toe protector (either external steel cap or internal injection moulding) protect against blunt force trauma and possible amputations.
  • Panel design, adjustable buckles, plastic supports and sometimes internal booties (high end models) are used to support the ankle joint and protect it from injury. 

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