Wide Vs Narrow Tyres

Wider tyres make the bike harder to turn, the wider the footprint the more it will want to stay upright which can cause a “front-end push” feeling through turns. Also for soft terrain or rutted tracks, a wider tyre will struggle to fit into ruts easily which will affect your performance.

A wide tyre comes into its own on hardpack dry conditions, a wider footprint means more grip providing the tread pattern and tyre rubber compound is suited.

No matter what bike you have it should have the wheel sizing written on its tyres to identify what you have. Then it's a matter of narrow down the tyre you need by thinking about what type of terrain you ride on most.

It is important to choose the right sized tyre recommended for your particular bike. If you decide to run a wider than the normal tyre on a narrow rim the performance of the tyre will be compromised as the shape of the tyre carcass will have been changed as it is manipulated to fit onto the odd size of the rim. The same applies if you put a narrow tyre on a wide rim it will push the tyre wall out and change the tyres’ footprint which will effect performance and grip!

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