Always Check Your Dirt Bike Tyres Air Pressure

The correct pressure to inflate your dirt bike tubes to will vary from track to track but the majority of dirt bike tyres run between 10-20psi. If you aren’t sure you can check your owner’s manual, the harder you inflate your tyre the less grip you will have. If your tyre is too soft it will give a very spongy feel and roll more on the rim through corners affecting your performance.

Inflating your tyres to around 16psi tends to be a popular choice but again, check your owner’s manual and if you are at a track don’t be scared to ask other riders. You should check your tyre pressures before every time you throw your leg over your bike as they can vary a lot every hour and this will affect your performance a great deal!

Also, some tyre brands require more pressure than others to get the right feel. Michelin Starcross 5 tyres typically need a higher pressure as they have a softer tyre carcas construction than others.

Other issues you can encounter with incorrect tyre pressures are:

  • Tube or tyre failure, punctures
  • Cause uneven tyre wear
  • Under inflation can cause the tyre to come off the bead


Do new motocross tyres have a break in period?

There is no break in period for new motocross tyres, however we do suggest to ease into riding on a fresh set of rubber particularly if you have changed size, tread, brand or rubber compound. Get a feel for your new shoes to work out how well they hang on before you go full throttle into a corner or you may end up on the ground before you have even worked up a sweat!

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