Removing The Old Exhaust System

Step one to installing a dirt bike exhaust system is to remove the old exhaust. To do this the only dirt bike tools you should need are some T Handle spanners and a set of pliers if your exhaust has any springs.

Start by taking your pliers and removing any springs by clamping the end of the spring firmly and stretching the spring until it can be unlatched. Be careful not to slip with the pliers as these can be a little tough!

Once the springs are off use your T handles to remove all of the bolts from the exhaust header/expansion chamber. Some exhaust systems have a bracket which has a second bolt onto the frame. This allows for a rubber spacer and reduces vibration. This also helps with lining up the pipe correctly but for now just loosen the bolt which is directly fixed to the pipe.

Once all of the bolts are out of the header/expansion chamber, gently remove the pipe from the bike. Two stroke machines usually have rubber O’ring seals which help seal the pipe against the engine. You may need to replace these on the new pipe, or at least swap them onto the new pipe, make sure you add some grease to the rubber help keep the seals in good condition.

The next step is to move onto the dirt bike exhaust silencer/muffler. You will need to remove the side panel first to expose all of the bolts. Some exhausts will be a three piece system and many others will be a 2 piece. Regardless of the system you should always work from the front to the back of the exhaust.

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