What Oil To Use In A 4 Stroke Bike

Most modern day four-strokes on the market (apart from the CRF450 and CRF250) use the same motor oil to lubricate everything from the valves, cam, piston, crank, clutch and transmission. This “all in one” oil system forces the motor oil to lubricate more than twice the amount of moving parts as the traditional independent premix and gearbox oil of a two-stroke machine.

Four-stroke oil for racing motors has been engineered in a way to produce maximum power from a light weight and simple engine casing. The engine has been streamlined so much so that a motocross engine uses just enough oil to get the job done and nothing more. On a racing machine it is crucial you have a routine maintenance schedule which is assisted by an hour meter to ensure your engine is protected. Four-stroke machines also have Dirt Bike Oil Filters which should be replaced whenever you change your oil.

If you struggle with making a mess while changing your bike oil, using a handy product called Racetech Oil Catcher can reduce the mess and make life easier!

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