What Oil To Use In A Dirt Bike

The lifeblood of any combustion engine is the oil which helps lubricate moving parts to reduce friction. But which oil is best for 2 and 4 strokes? And what oil should you be using in what part of the bike?

How do I choose the right oil for my dirt bike?

The simplest way to select the correct oil for your bike is consult your owner’s manual. Inside it will tell you everything from the weight of the oil through to the quantity and also recommend which brands to use. It will also guide you to where the filling/draining points are, where the Dirt Bike Oil Covers are and how to check your individual bikes oil level.

If the owner’s manual recommends 20w-50 for your 4-stroke then don't buy 10w-30 weight oil. The most common weight for dirt bikes is 10w-40. Your owner's manual also explains what ratio to mix your oil and petrol for the 2-stroke engines out there. Following this and also tips on correctly jetting your bike will give you the best performance, less rebuilds and less exhaust smoke.

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