Choosing The Right Sized Handlebar Clamps

There are a number of styles of bar clamps available on the market to suit a number of different applications depending on your needs.

If you are changing size of handlebars you will need some form of adaptor clamp to accommodate the different size, you can either purchase adaptor clamps which bolt into your existing bar clamps but this will also raise your bar height. Different makes and models of bikes have slightly different spacing for the bolts so we recommend checking what your bikes dimensions are before making a purchase.

Another option is the bolt through clamp which replaces the entire bar clamp, first you have to remove the original clamps from the top triple clamp and replace them with the new product. The benefit of this being you can choose weather you want the bar height raised or not as they come in a variety of sizes, they also look neater on the bike but again when purchasing check the fitment as some of the triple clamp bolts are thicker than others so not every clamp will fit every bike!

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