Different Bends Of Dirt Bike Handlebars

One part of your bike which can make or break the overall ergonomics and feel of the machine, even where you position your bars will affect how the bike feels. Although you will eventually get used to whatever setup you have, riding will be a lot easier when you choose set of bars which are suitable for your height and the style of riding you are doing!


There are a number of different contributing factors which will give you the right bar height and angle you are looking for, the first thing you can do is check the pitch the bars are set to. Whether your bike is new or second-hand chances are that you could feel more comfortable rolling the bars either forward or back in the bar mounts.

An easy way to establish a starting point is to first set the bars in a neutral position, to do this simply align point “C” (rise) up to be the same angle as the bikes front forks. This will give you a nice balance of steering comfort and also overall bar height and is known as the neutral bar position.

The Sweep “E” and also the height “B” also contributes to the overall height of your bars as they are set to an angle rolling the bars forward and back will turn the ends of the bars up or down slightly.

If you are a taller rider you may want more room and bar height so running them slightly forward from the neutral position may feel better and if you are shorter it may be more comfortable to roll them back to lower the bar height and increase the sweep so the controls are closer to the rider.


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