Custom Wheelset Options & Pricing

The entry level wheelsets we stock are for most late model MX bikes from 2008 onward. The fitment which we have available is only what is listed and there is no option to change colour combinations or modify them from what is listed.

We can offer custom wheel sets depending on the year, make and model of your bike. This would be an upgrade to an SM Pro Platinum Rim and Talon hub set which start at $1595.

You can add on coloured nipples for $100, and coloured spokes which are $200 for a complete set.

We can certainly check exact pricing, availability and a time frame for delivery for you if you're interested in a custom set.

Please note that wheelsets going back pre 1989 are not usually available as rim, spoke and hub combinations vary too often and correct fitment cannot be guaranteed . For vintage bikes it is best to source genuine/ original products.

Check out the entire range of Dirt Bike Wheelsets here at MXstore.

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