Can I Order A Product In?

Have you been checking out our awesome website but just can't seem to find what you're looking for? 

When it comes to service, we like to think of everything, which includes being able to special order products in for our customers that we don't currently have in stock! We don't charge any extra for this service and most items can be here, ready to ship from MXstore within three to five business days, providing our supplier has it in stock! How great is that?! 

We order from our suppliers on a daily basis to either top up on our fast movers or to get an item in as per a customers request. If for some reason, our suppliers don't stock the item you were after, our Customer Service team will do their best to point you in the right direction of where you can purchase the product you were chasing. 

If there is a product that you would like for us to order in for you, please get in touch and we will create the order, email you an invoice and once paid, we will have the item on the very next order with our suppliers for you!

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