Boot Sizing Information

Most of our boots are listed in US sizing. There are a few brands at MXstore that are in EURO sizing, these will be numbered something like this (43,44,46) etc.

Sizing conversion information is available on the size guide on every product page on the MXstore website to help you make the right choice.

If you are ever between sizing, even in a half size we do recommend going up to the bigger size.

The reason being is you can always fill in the extra space in your boot with thicker socks or tighten your buckles to ensure the boot is fastened to your foot/leg. However, you cannot make the boot any bigger if it’s too small!

Normally we go by US sizing here in Australia, so check out your shoes to ensure the sizing is listed in US sizing, and use that size to order on our website.

If you do find in the end that you’re not happy with the fit, you are more than welcome to return the size via our Online Returns Portal!

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For more detailed information on sizing and how to measure yourself see our Sizing Guide.
You can also check out more handy information in our blog!

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