I Haven't Received My MXstore Gift Voucher!


Thank you for ordering an MXstore Gift Voucher! 


Have you placed an order for a Gift Voucher and are yet to receive it? 

Not to worry, you should have that voucher in your hot little hands very soon! When you place an order for a Gift Voucher, please allow up to an hour for it to land in your inbox.  

If you have chosen a particular date and time for the voucher to be sent, you will receive your voucher at the selected time. 

Make sure to keep an eye on that pesky junk/spam folder as your gift voucher might be hiding in there!

Still Waiting? 

If you have patiently waited for the voucher to arrive and it's nowhere to be seen, please reach out to our Customer Service or Showroom legends and we would be more than happy to double-check the email address and resend it to you! 

Please Note: All Gift Vouchers are e-vouchers and are sent via email only. If you would like a physical copy of the voucher, please get in touch with our team! All gift vouchers are valid for 3 years. 

Have a question about our vouchers? Our team are here to help, please reach out any time! 




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