Forma Boots Womens Sizing

Motorcycle boots are a firmer fit to regular shoes or work boots. If you don't know your motorcycle boot size, then in most cases you need to order one size larger than your sneakers or work boots.

The most accurate sizing method is to measure your feet length (heal against the wall and measure out to the end of big toe) against the boot's removable insole measurement (listed below). The insole should be at least 3/4 inch (15-20mm) longer than your feet. This measurement gives you the correct toe clearance for safety and comfort.

95% of our customers receive the correct size first time, but if you find that you need to return for another size, please DON'T PANIC, we will work quickly to help you fix this up. So feel confident to buy right now and you will be impressed with our boots, and our customer service!


  • Size 35 euro = 4 usa womens = 9.45 inch (240mm) removable insole
  • Size 36 euro = 5 usa womens = 9.64 inch (245mm) removable insole
  • Size 37 euro = 6 usa womens = 9.84 inch (250mm) removable insole
  • Size 38 euro = 7 usa womens = 10.04 inch (255mm) removable insole
  • Size 39 euro = 8 usa womens = 10.23 inch (260mm) removable insole
  • Size 40 euro = 9 usa womens = 10.43 inch (265mm) removable insole
  • Size 41 euro = 10 usa womens = 10.63 inch (270mm) removable insole
  • Size 42 euro = 11 usa womens = 11.02 inch (280mm) removable insole
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