How do you make MXstore Custom Jersey Prints?

MXstore has the facilities and specialist staff in-house to deliver high-quality jersey prints at an affordable price with super-quick turnaround.

Unlike, previous processes of getting a professional print done where you'd source your jersey first and then have to send it off for printing and then wait for it to be returned - MXstore allows you to purchase and custom print a new jersey in one seamless transaction.

When you place an apparel order with the Custom Jersey Print option your order is picked from our warehouse as normal, but instead of being taken to our dispatch area for postage, our Jersey Print team take your order aside and print and press your custom print onto your chosen jersey. As soon as it's tested and quality-checked it returns to the normal dispatch flow and is sent. If you order before 2PM (QLD business days), we aim to send your order the same day!

It's now possible to get and order a custom printed jersey online and have it delivered the next day (dependant on your location and time of order). If you need it quicker - come into our Burleigh Heads showroom.


The "5 P's" process of getting a custom printed jersey to you quickly.


When you select your jersey, you are given the option to add a Custom Jersey Print - when you pay - we get to work!


We pick your entire order including a new jersey in the size you've selected. When an order has the Custom Jersey Print option, it's passed to our Jersey Print team.


Our multi-talented Jersey Print team start by building your desired print on computer using graphic design software (Adobe Illustrator) - here, if they notice something just not right, you may get a phone call to clarify (so make sure your contact details are correct when you order). When it looks good and is sized correctly for your jersey, it's sent to our digital printer for 1440 dpi printing and precision contour on to special water, scratch and UV resistant material.


The print is then aligned on the back of the jersey and laid out on a heat press where high-pressure as well as extreme heat achieve long-lasting results. A heat press is like a large iron, but with more pressure and more intensive heat.


Your jersey is cooled and then packaged and wrapped with the rest of your order ready to post.

You can check out more about our epic Jersey Prints in our blog!

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