Removing The Old Plastics

Make note of what bolts come from where, as the shoulders on some bolts may differ in size on different parts of the plastic. There is no real right or wrong method or process to removing and installing your new plastics, but keeping the right bolts in the right place is essential. We like to start from the rear of the motorbike, first removing your side panels and air box covers, then your rear fender, and then making your way forward along the bike right through to the front fender.

Once you've removed your current plastics, you're ready to chuck on the new set. If, like us, you're removing factory plastics from new, it's well worth keeping the originals handy if you ever need to replace any of your new plastics. Again, there's no real right or wrong method, but we work back exactly the same way we just came, starting with the front fender and going right back through to the side panels and air box covers. Ensure all your bolts are tightened sufficiently once the plastics are correctly in place.

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