Physically Secure Your Bike At All Times

Wherever you stable your machine, you need to secure it somehow! There is a massive range of specific Dirt Bike Security Locks and Alarms available today which are purpose built to keep your dirt bike secure. Some items we recommend are:

If you are planning on chaining your dirt bike up, we would highly recommend that you secure it to something which cannot be moved. Using a Dirt Bike Security Floor Anchor is a great idea as your bike will be stuck there and the only thing which will move it is some heavy duty metal cutting tools.

Wherever you chain your bike you should try to loop the chain/cable through a part of the bike which cannot be removed. Something like the main part of your frame is ideal rather than through a wheel as they can be removed.

If you don’t have an anchor point to secure your bike to it is a good idea to use your chain to loop through the frame and then back through a wheel to make the bike difficult to move. Basically the more difficult you make stealing a bike for a thief the more likely they will be to abort the mission as time and noise attracts attention and their chances of being caught.

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