The Do Not's Of Washing Dirt Bike Gear

  • Do not bleach – This is a harsh way of cleaning anything and the chemical in bleach will strip the colour from the fabric and destroy the leather in the knees
  • Do not use oxygenated detergent – This type of detergent will absorb all of the oils from the leather in the knees of your dirt bike pants. This will cause the leather to dry up and become stiff. This will eventually cause them to crack and disintegrate completely
  • Do not tumble dry – Your gear gets knocked around enough on the bike, you don’t want to beat it up any more than you have to!
  • Do not iron – If you iron your motocross gear you will most likely melt it. Especially your motocross jersey
  • Do not use pressure washer on any of your gear – Pressure washers will destroy your gear, the force will blow the oils out of the leather knees on the pants. If you don’t know how this could be possible, think about the last time you accidentally shot yourself in the foot with the pressure washer… It would have felt like somebody had used a cheese grater on you! Leather is just skin… but from a cow, so be gentle!
  • Do not leave your dirty motocross gear in your gear bag for a week – If you leave mud on anything for long enough it will stain and sweat destroys material. If you touch an old pair of footy socks you will notice it feels more like builders sandpaper. It’s your choice but nobody wants to be riding around in stained sandpaper gear!
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