How To: Replace The New Tyre

Take your new tyre and add some baby powder to the inside of it, all the way around as this will help with installing the tube back into the tyre.

Place the new tyre on top of the rim and insert the tube to the new tyre, make sure you line up the valve stem with the hole in the rim. Apply some Detailing spray around the bead of the tyre as this will help the tyre go back on easier.

Double check the tyre isn’t directional, if it is you will need to make sure it is going on the right way. Flip the tyre over so the side with the detailing spray is down. Push the tyre down onto the rim at the point of the valve stem and push the valve stem through the rim. Add the lock nut to the valve stem and then find the rim lock and push that up inside the tyre.

Once this is done use your tyre levers to work around and lever the tyre back onto the rim from the top. Only 1 side needs to go on at this stage. Be careful not to damage the tube so take your time and work your way around bit by bit.

Once one side is on, check the valve stem and rim lock are straight and in the right place. Add more detailing spray to the tyre bead and move to the rim lock. Start to one side of the rim lock and use the tyre lever to flip the first part of the tyre back onto the rim while making sure the rim lock is pushed inside the tyre. Once you have a bit of the tyre on use your bead buddy to secure the part which is done. From there work your way around alternating which tyre lever you use, leave one in place and move your other lever on to the next point as this will help work the tyre back on the rim.

The next step is to inflate the tyre enough to pop the bead back onto the rim. Make sure the tyre, valve stem and rim lock are all in the correct location first and then inflate.

If you have an air compressor you may want to do this with the valve core out so it can deflate again quickly once you have popped the bead back on. Inspect the tyre to make sure the bead is on and push down on the rim lock to make sure it is moving freely and not jammed on anything.

Inflate your tyre to your desired PSI and tighten your rim lock. Replace your rear wheel then check chain tension and you are all set! Don’t forget to pump your rear brakes once the wheel is on to make sure they are ready to stop you when you need them.

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