What Should I Be Looking For When Buying A New Helmet?

To make it simple we have composed a short list of things you should consider before committing to that purchase, your brain will thank you later!


  • What safety standards does it have?
  • What is the external shell constructed from?
  • Check the sizing - get the right fitment to get a good feel of the helmets shape.
  • Weight comes into play, although most helmets these days are relatively light there are some which are lighter than others which will contribute to the overall comfort of the helmet.
  • Ventilation: Intake and exhaust vents on the helmet should be in abundance particularly for Australian conditions. Ventilation creates airflow which is important as the body dissipates heat through your head but as soon as you put on a helmet you restrict your body’s ability to keep cool causing fatigue and dehydration which is a dangerous mix while riding!
  • Easy to remove padding: Most helmets these days have a removable liner so you can keep your helmet clean and fresh. But some helmets come with quick release style cheek pads which can be removed from the helmet in the event of a crash. The reason for this is if a rider is unconscious or has a suspected neck injury medical assistance can remove the cheek pads while the helmet is still on the rider to make removing the helmet easier. This significantly helps reduce the chance of further aggravating any injuries from having to yank a helmet off a riders head.

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