Introduction To Dirt Bike Helmets

Unlike a car which has an external shell protecting the occupants from the outside elements during a crash, a motorcycle rider has only the personal protective equipment which they can physically wear to prevent injuries. Ideally the more safety gear you can wear the better, but if you could choose only one item to wear before going for even the shortest of rides would without a doubt have to be your helmet.

Giving your brain the best protection money can buy should be paramount on everyone’s list of priorities when deciding on a budget for motocross gear, but all too often we see people spending big on a gear set and goggles over putting the money into a helmet, or even worse buying a helmet purely by how it looks and not even trying to get one which fits correctly!

Regardless of price, weight, shell construction or safety ratings the best motocross helmet is one that fits correctly, we will take an in depth look at helmet fitment and break down the differences in helmet construction to see just what you are spending your hard earned on when forking out for a new lid.

Before we get into the technical terms associated with different helmet categories we want to give you the quick rundown on how a modern day motocross helmet actually works, we figure the explanation of what injuries a helmet protects you from will be enough motivation for everyone to reconsider just how important it is to them to have a good helmet on their head at all times!

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