The Importance Of Knee Brace Socks

Putting a set of knee braces on for the first time can be a little tricky as the brace needs to sit in the right spot on your leg to work effectively! Having a good pair of knee brace socks can make the process a little easier and make for a more comfortable ride!

Why Knee Brace Socks? 

Knee brace socks come up to your upper thigh and are a little thinner than regular socks. The extra length of the sock will reduce any rubbing and irritation to the skin from the straps of the knee brace. As the socks are thinner, they also won’t be as hot to wear!

Knee Braces

Once you have your knee brace socks on it’s time to put the braces on!

  • The easiest way is to sit down with a slightly bent knee.
  • Undo all of the straps and push the brace onto your knee.
  • Secure the straps in the following sequence: Secure the strap directly below your knee first, then the strap directly above, followed by the top strap and then lastly the bottom strap.
  • Ensure the straps secure the knee brace firmly to your leg and once all of the straps are tightened, bend your knee a few times to check the brace is sitting in the correct position.
  • Following this sequence when tightening the straps will help keep the brace in the correct position on your knee, and ensure the knee brace can work effectively to keep your knee joints safe!


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