Women's Glove Sizing

To find the proper glove size, measure the circumference around your dominant hand while holding all of your fingers apart and out stretched.

Do not include your thumb in this measurement and measure lower than all of your knuckles (be careful not to measure too far forward on your pinky finger side as this knuckle is further back).

Remember if your gloves are too loose they will bunch and give you blisters so aim for a tight fit!


XS = 21 – 21.5cm
S = 21.5 - 22cm
M = 22 – 22.5cm
L = 22.5 – 23.5cm
XL = 23.5 – 24.5cm
XXL = 24.5 – 25cm
3XL = 25 – 26cm

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For more detailed information on sizing and how to measure yourself see our Sizing Guide.

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