What Chemicals To Use For Cleaning Air Filters

The first stage is to clean the majority of the dirt and remove the filter oil with the degreasing agent by lightly massaging the chemicals through the filter while being careful not to stretch or twist the filter too much or you may tear the element. Once this is done rinse thoroughly under warm water to remove the excess debris. From there the next step is to rinse the filter again in a bucket of warm soapy water ( use any household dish soap ) rinse all of the soap out again and your filter should come back to the same colour it was when it was new! If filter is still dirty repeat this step another 1 or 2 times, that failing maybe it’s time to replace that filter!

Once your filter is clean shake the excess water from the filter and place in a clean, dry place for it to dry completely. If you are looking for something to do while this is drying use this time to clean the air filter box with a motorcycle contact cleaner spray. Do not attempt to oil your filter while it is still wet as adding oil to a wet filter will only trap water in the filter and cause all sorts of havoc in your engine down the track!

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