More Facts About The Use Of Neck Braces

  • The collarbone is the weakest bone in the human body
  • Despite rumours there are no recorded deaths as a result of wearing a neck brace, there are signed doctors reports listed on the Leatt Brace site to prove this fact.
  • There are pages of testimonials and videos on the Leatt brace website from riders who will credit the Leatt brace for saving their neck and in some cases their life!
  • In 2009 Leatt received the SAMIA Award for Outstanding Safety Achievement.
  • Winner of the 2009 Innovations Award at Eurobike.
  • Readers of Motocross Action Magazine voted the Leatt neck brace the “Product of the Decade.”
  • Leatt has their own testing facility in Cape Town South Africa named the Leatt Lab, Leatt’s home of research and development and a team of medical engineers.
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