Importance Of Wearing A Dirt Bike Kidney Belt

A kidney belt is a piece of motocross safety gear which has been used by riders probably since soon after the creation of the sport. But for a piece of Dirt Bike Protective Gear which has been around for so long, we are surprised at the number of people who either don’t wear one or have no idea what purpose they serve!

At MXstore we are big believers in motocross safety and we feel it is our responsibility to educate people particularly when it comes to being protected while enjoying this amazing sport of ours so read on to learn more about your kidneys and how to keep them safe while tearing up the track.

Where are my kidneys located?

We are born with two kidneys which are located in the middle of your back, below the bottom of your rib cage sitting on each side of your spine. Kidney beans are named so because they are the same shape but your kidneys are about the size of your fist.

Your kidneys are embedded in a mass of fatty tissue but are not protected by any kind of exoskeleton. They are lightweight organs but up to a third of total cardiac output can pass through the renal arteries to be filtered by the kidneys, in other words, your kidneys are connected to your arteries but have very little protection!

What is the purpose of my kidneys?

The kidneys require such a large amount of blood in order to perform the following functions and regulate the following levels in your body:

  • Calcium
  • Ions
  • Steady the levels of acid/base in your blood
  • Help maintain blood pressure
  • Support the production of red blood cells
  • Control the make-up of your blood
  • Maintain the volume of water in your body
  • Excrete waste from the body through urine


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