When Should I Replace My Dirt Bike Helmet?

Once you have stopped growing and unless you have a heavy fall it can be tricky deciding on the lifespan of your helmet, obviously if you crash and hit your head hard enough to make you think “I’m glad I was wearing a helmet for that one” is a sign you are up for a new one. Although a helmet may not physically show any signs of an impact, the EPS liner can be crushed under the helmets outer shell creating a point where the helmet has less cushioning capabilities for future crashes making the helmet less safe at that point. If you haven’t had a crash for a long time (lucky you!) you would still want to get a fresh helmet every 2-3 seasons.

The reason for this is your helmet EPS liner and shell has a finite lifespan and the integrity of your helmet will break down over time from being in the sun and general wear and tear. If you are a serious rider you will more than likely crash more often than this anyway and if you are starting to question weather your helmet is safe anymore it is usually a pretty good indication that it isn’t so listen to your gut instincts!


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