Introduction: Tips on Dirt Bike Goggle Care

Without proper care, a set of dirt bike goggles can deteriorate quite quickly due to sweat, mud, wear and tear. There are a few easy steps you can take to get more life out of your eyewear.

Unless you ride for a factory team you aren’t going to be running a new set of goggles every time you line up at the starting gates, however eye protection is a necessity and if you don’t take care of your goggles you will either be forking out more money that you should, or you will be riding around feeling like you are driving a car at night with only your parking lights on! Luckily goggles aren’t too difficult to maintain if you know how, so read on to learn some secrets to clear vision and goggle foam that doesn’t feel like sandpaper on your face!

Motocross goggles can sometimes get a rough deal, they are sweated in excessively, get pelted with mud and rocks on the track and then half the riders out there throw them back into their gear bag in with their boots only to be removed the next race day to be cleaned on a tee shirt!

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