Item Missing From Your Order?

Almost all of our customers 'missing' an item will find that item packaged up in an unusual part of the package upon an additional check over. Our warehouse team will package some items within other items to either protect them in transit or keep the package nice and neat. An example of this could be other items inside a boot itself or the boot box on the order!

Our warehouse has a very advanced real-time scanning technology to organise our stock and track stock history. Every time an item moves in our warehouse it MUST be scanned at each step along the way otherwise the technology will prevent the order from progressing until all items are scanned!

I have checked the items on your order and the scan history shows the item was scanned out with the rest of the items on the order so if you have another thorough look through the package you should find it hiding somewhere!

Please let us know once you have had another check, if you are still having trouble locating the item please let us know right away so that we can investigate this further.

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