Can I Change My Custom Jersey Print?


Still In Your Cart?

If you've made a mistake with your print or you change your mind - just delete the jersey and print from your cart and start again! To get to your cart just click the link in the top-right header of the website. 

Paid For Your Jersey? 

Once you have made your purchase and paid for your jersey and print, your order is final. We will then get to work on your custom jersey and make it as fly as possible! If you notice that the order is incorrect, please call our Customer Service legends straight away! 

Please keep in mind that once a jersey has been printed we are unable to make any changes or accept a return for the jersey. 

* Please note - we receive over 300 emails every day so please call our team for any urgent requests as we can't guarantee that an email will be seen before your print has been processed. *

Jersey Print Return Terms and Conditions


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