Our Stance On Price Matching

We strive to deliver the highest level of customer service in the industry, have the largest range of Dirt Bike Gear, Parts and Accessories in Australia and offer FREE freight on all orders over $20 when you order online.

Although we are always looking at ways to add value and offer better deals we have always been protective and maintained the recommended retail pricing for all of our products at the request of the brands we sell.

Until recent years there wasn't a large scale Australian online retailer helping people with their riding needs. As a company we have invested a vast amount time and resource into our systems, procedures and software to remain efficient and grow to the size where we can serve all moto riding Australians.

Our goal is to continuously improve/ become more efficient and we are encouraging our suppliers to do the same. With these efficiency improvements we will be able to eventually drive retail prices down and continue to make riding more affordable for everyone.

We provide the widest selection of products in all price ranges to cater to people no matter what their budget is, so if you are on a budget and can't find the right product simply ask our friendly customer service team and we will happily assist you in getting into the best gear possible!

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